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Name: Six Aces
Year: 2000
Era: Golden Years
Type: Movie
Development Time: 5 month(s)

3 rich gamblers are tired of their poker games and decide on a new game. This game consists of 6 players who will be put in the forest and fight to the finish.

Website: http://www.dcjproductions.com/six-aces/

Characters: (24)
Agent, The - John Heins
Apparition Friend - Mary Dolan
Apparition, The - Corinna Bissell
Apparition, The - Jon Barlow
Australian War German Soldier - Ben Grace
Australian War Heavy Weapons Soldier - Dan McElroy
Australian War Scout - Jon Barlow
Australian War Sniper - Ben Grace
Australian War Sniper (German) - Chris Thombs
CIA Boss - Chris Thombs
CIA Manager - Chris Thombs
Contractor, The - John Heins
Demolitions Expert - Dann Thombs
Insane Game Hunter - Dann Thombs
Lt. Burg - Dann Thombs
Manchestor - Dann Thombs
Napster User - John Heins
Robot, The - Steve Hug
Scientist, The - Dan McElroy
Shane Blair - John Heins
Six Aces Prison Guard - Chris Thombs
Six Aces Waitress - Amy Thombs
Survivalist, The - Chris Thombs
Theo Folio - Chris Thombs

Grouped Characters: (1)
Australian War Soldiers

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People Involved: (10)
Amy Thombs - actress
Ben Grace - actor
Chris Thombs - actor, director
Corinna Bissell - actress
Dan McElroy - actor
Dann Thombs - actor
John Heins - actor
Jon Barlow - actor
Mary Dolan - actress
Steve Hug - actor

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Sets: (6)
Attic, The
Blackpoint Beach
Cottontail Forest
My House
Ochre Court

Equipment: (3)
Hitachi 8mm Camera
Studio DC10

Songs Used: (13)
Hummel Gets the Rockets on The Rock Soundtrack
Fear Factory - Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma) on Fear is the Mindkiller
Godsmack - Moonbaby on Godsmack
Gravity Kills - Down (Lords of Acid remix) on Manipulated
Gravity Kills - Enough on Gravity Kills (1996)
Insane Clown Posse - Let's Go All the Way
Pig - Black Brother on Genuine American Monster
Pig - Inside on Genuine American Monster
Pig - Prayer Praise and Profit on Genuine American Monster
Pig - Analgesia on Genuine American Monster
Psykosonik - Panik Control
Second Skin - Blood Pressure on New Industries
Temple Beat - Interzone on New Industries

Releases: (3)
Six Aces [VHS] (2000)
Six Aces [VCD] (2001)
Six Aces Soundtrack [CD] (2000)

Covers and Artwork: (5)

Six Aces [VHS]

Six Aces [VCD]

Six Aces [VCD Label]

Six Aces Soundtrack [CD]

Six Aces Soundtrack [CD Label]


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