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Name: Stupid Karate Kid 3, The
Year: 1997
Era: Silver Years
Type: Movie
Development Time: 1.5 year(s)

Yes the excitement continues in the third installment of the trilogy. The stupid karate kid finds himself in an insane asylum. But the ancient Chinese master gives him a note to escape. He does and meets the master outside, because the master works there. The stupid karate kid is immediately put to fight the evil guy. He wins and then is hired to steal some documents. This was 'for the money'. Then he is attacked by the spice boys, and then the silver-alien-looking-evil-guy. He is forced to play with dolls as part of the 100 levels of torcher. But he is rescued. Then there are rumors of an evil news caster and the stupid karate kid is befriended by a rat who later is shot by the evil news caster. But is okay later and everything is fine. Then there was some unrelated lamb-cha sock puppet thing which I'm not sure if we really wanted it to be in the movie or if we were just really bored.

Characters: (49)
Ancient Chinese Master, The - Dann Thombs
Asylum Guard - Tim O'Malley
Auntie Helga - Dann Thombs
Auntie Helga's Niece - Amy Thombs
Barbie - Chris Thombs
Boy Spice - Amy Thombs
China Spice - Eric Mahoney
Collect Caller - Dann Thombs
Dream Dancer - Amy Thombs
El Nino reporter - John Heins
Evil Guy - John Heins
Evil News Caster - Dann Thombs
Fat Girl - Amy Thombs
Gothic Weightlifter - Amy Thombs
Headbanger #1 - Dann Thombs
Headbanger #2 - Chris Thombs
Headbanger #3 - Chris Thombs
Herman's Owner - John Heins
Hooded Weightlifter - Dann Thombs
Insane Drunk - Tim O'Malley
Insane Spazzer - Dann Thombs
Insane Twitcher - Mary-Elizabeth O'Malley
Insane Wormgirl - Amy Thombs
Magic Girl - Amy Thombs
Magic Healer - John Heins
Mentos Doubter - Dann Thombs
Mentos Girl - Amy Thombs
Mentos Guy - Chris Thombs
Milano Spazzer - Amy Thombs
Morgan Fairchild - Amy Thombs
Mr. Rogers - John Heins
News Counter - Amy Thombs
Patricio - Dann Thombs
Phobia Doctor - Chris Thombs
Phobia Nurse - Amy Thombs
Phobia Patient - Dann Thombs
Psychic #1 - Dann Thombs
Psychic #2 - Amy Thombs
Side Effects Doctor - Chris Thombs
Side Effects Patient - Dann Thombs
Silver-Alien-Looking-Evil-Guy - John Heins
SKK Assistant - John Heins
SKK Boss Guy - Dann Thombs
Smothers Brothers - Chris Thombs
Smothers Brothers - Dann Thombs
Snake, The - Mike O'Malley
Stupid Karate Kid, The - Chris Thombs
Tiger Spice - Brenden Mahoney
Vanilla Spice - Darren Mahoney

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People Involved: (10)
Amy Thombs - actress
Brenden Mahoney - actor
Chris Thombs - actor, director
Dann Thombs - actor
Darren Mahoney - actor
Eric Mahoney - actor
John Heins - actor
Mary-Elizabeth O'Malley - actress
Mike O'Malley - actor
Tim O'Malley - actor

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Sets: (3)
Attic, The
My House

Equipment: (1)
Hitachi 8mm Camera

Songs Used: (6)
Shivers Theme Song on Shivers II Soundtrack (1997)
Gravity Kills - Enough on Gravity Kills (1996)
Gravity Kills - Guity on Gravity Kills (1996)
Marilyn Manson - hidden track on AC Superstar
Silverchair - Madman on Frogstomp
Stabbing Westward - Shame on Wither, Blister, Burn + Peel (1996)

Releases: (5)
Chris' Tape [8mm] (1994)
Stupid Karate Kid 3 [DVD] (2004)
Stupid Karate Kid 3 Soundtrack [Cassette] (1998)
Stupid Karate Kid Trilogy [VHS] (1998)
Stupid Karate Kid Trilogy [VHS] (1998)

Covers and Artwork: (3)

Stupid Karate Kid 3 [DVD]

Stupid Karate Kid Trilogy [VHS]

Stupid Karate Kid Trilogy [VHS]


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