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Name: Zombi Fourest: The Tanzwut
Tagline: You're going to die anyway, so you may as well dance.
Year: 2004
Era: Golden Years
Type: Movie
Development Time: 3.5 month(s)

Pat the Vampire has been given a pair of impostor sunglasses that he must destroy. The glasses must be destroyed before any zombie can get them, or that zombie will become the king of the zombies and have the power to leave the Cottontail Fourest. Pat is sent out but when he gets loft, he calls Soldier Chris for help. Soldier Chris enlists the help of Simon and Duct Dann to create the Fellowship of the Blood Pack. Sporting powerful sunglasses, the pack races for the fourest as fast as they can. Duct Dann picks up a weird man by hitting him while racing to the fourest. Neddy Walker, a blind photographer joins the pack. Pat is must face the burden of the sunglasses, as he faces zombies dancing and flapping like they never have before, in order to gain control over the glasses.

As the group enters the fourest, they meet up with Yo Chris who is bent upon becoming the tricked out version of the Zombie King. They must cross a "deep" pit, suffer from the temptation of the lotion, avoid becoming a future girlfriend, and witness the most extended pole dancing scene ever filmed.

With time running out and the sunglasses still intact, Pat must enter the Zombie kingdom of "Neverland", facing horrid creatures such as Michael and stuffed animals. The pack must fight their way to find Pat, and lead him back out of the Cottontail Fourest, and then dance like they’ve never danced before.

Characters: (23)
Afro Zombie - Ben Grace
Annabelle - Chris Thombs
Cellphone Zombie - Dann Thombs
Duct Dann - Dann Thombs
Fandango - Dann Thombs
Frank Bing - Dann Thombs
Goblin Zombie - John Heins
Jack - Dann Thombs
Jaime - Chris Thombs
Kurt - Chris Thombs
Michael - Dann Thombs
Monkey Zombie - Dann Thombs
Mutant Zombie - Dann Thombs
Neddy Walker - Ben Grace
Oakley Cat - Hobbes
Pat the Vampire - Ben Grace
Pinky - Chris Thombs
Seipel Toura - Mike Barnes
Sheep, The - Chris Thombs
Simon - John Heins
Soldier Chris - Chris Thombs
Verti - Dann Thombs
Yo Chris - Chris Thombs

Grouped Characters: (2)

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People Involved: (13)
Amy Thombs - photographer
Ben Grace - actor
Bengal - actor
Carrie Ann Thombs - cat whisperer, filmer
Chris Thombs - actor
Dann Thombs - actor, director
Hobbes - actress
John Heins - actor
Jon Barlow - stunt double
Mike Barnes - actor, puppeteer
Paige - actress
Sherbert - actor
Tiger Lily - actress

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Sets: (3)
Cottontail Forest
My House
Norman Bird Sanctuary

Equipment: (4)
Canon GL-1
Good Tripod
Studio 8

Songs Used: (1)
Leftover Salmon - Zombie Jamboree

Releases: (2)
Zombi Fourest: The Tanzwut [DVD] (2004)
Zombi Fourest: The Tanzwut [VHS (clamshell)] (2004)

Covers and Artwork: (2)

Zombi Fourest: The Tanzwut [DVD]

Zombi Fourest: The Tanzwut [VHS (clamshell)]

Movie Clips:

Annabelle Fight
Cat Attack
Michael under the Bridge


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