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Name: Ductorian Chronicles
Year: 2005
Era: Golden Years
Type: Movie

The Chronicles tell the entire Ductorian story from start to finish. It begins with Tzukie and Cronaug forming the Freedom Fighters when Emperor Namos first comes into power. It continues with Juan Zi Nobie's youth as told by 'Forgotten Past' where he fights against Emperor Namos. Juan Zi Nobie then trains Dantin to join him in the creation of the Ductorian Council. Juan Zi Nobie and Dantin later recruit Christo to fight the Mask inVader. Years later Christo and Katano train Trebor to help fight Schlim who became the Silver Enemy. Emperor Namos rises and creates the Midnight Shadows, while Christo trains a new student, Tsion.

Website: http://www.ductwars.com/

Characters: (42)
Admiral Kalbfus - Nick Bloomfield
Aunt Iota - Dann Thombs
Christo - Chris Thombs
Dantin - Dann Thombs
Dolarmax - Teddy Doyle
Emperor Namos - Dann Thombs
General Cranuk - Dan McElroy
General Rei-jiukan - John Heins
Gnomey - Dann Thombs
Gothatar - Chris Thombs
Hech-Torr - Chris Thombs
Juan-Zi Nobie - John Heins
Kang Louta - Jon Barlow
Katano - Chris Thombs
Katano - Dann Thombs
Katano - John Heins
Kranus Skaltor - Dann Thombs
Lahmina Nobie - Amy Thombs
Malordy - Chris Thombs
Malordy - Dann Thombs
Masked Corn Guard - John Heins
Masked Invader, The/MiV - John Heins
Meandering Souls - Ben Grace
Meandering Souls - Chris Thombs
Meandering Souls - Jon Barlow
Mevik - John Heins
Mitaro-Ka - Teddy Doyle
Rig Haben - Steve Hug
Riou-Sha Laurn - Mike Erwin
Sanson Hi - Dann Thombs
Sentoratu - Chris Thombs
Shinn-Rhe - Ben Grace
Shlim/Silver Enemy - Chris Thombs
Simaga Nobie - Chris Thombs
Si-Tets - Dann Thombs
Si-Tets - Jon Golda
Tarooq - Mike Erwin
Tsion - Mike Barnes
Tusk - Jon Barlow
Tzukie - Chris Thombs
Witch Zi - Dann Thombs
Ziou-shen - Matt Campbell

Grouped Characters: (1)

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People Involved: (15)
Amy Thombs - actress
Ben Grace - actor
Chris Thombs - actor, director
Dan McElroy - actor
Dann Thombs - actor, director
John Heins - actor
Jon Barlow - actor
Jon Golda - actor
Matt Campbell - actor
Mike Barnes - actor
Mike Erwin - actor
Nick Bloomfield - actor
Rob Sirois - actor
Steve Hug - actor
Teddy Doyle - actor

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Sets: (5)
Attic, The
Blackpoint Beach
Cottontail Forest
Norman Bird Sanctuary
Ochre Court

Equipment: (4)
Canon GL-1
Good Tripod
Studio 8


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