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Name: Crop Circles
Year: 1995
Era: Early Years
Type: Movie
Development Time: 2 day(s)

A man is trying to sell a piece of land with a crop circle on it. An FBI agent tries to arrest him for this, but he gets away. He find instead an alien tool, which a shape shifting alien steals back. He/she shows the agent the crop circles as a trade for keeping the land. A spaceship lands and the agent enters it. He finds a decaying alien, with an egg on it. He gets chased by another alien and kills it, only to have it regenerate and kill him. The agent is healed by an alien and knows they'll return!

One day we took some picnic table seats and used them to flatten the grass in the next door vacant lot. It actually came out pretty cool when viewed from above. So this gave us the set for a movie, which just went off from there. Somehow the plot shifted from the circles to aliens who would die and then come back, so we ended it.

Characters: (13)
Crop Circle Doctor - Dann Thombs
Crop Circle Land Owner - Amy Thombs
Crop Circle Seller - Dann Thombs
Dining Alien - Dann Thombs
Evil Alien - Dann Thombs
FBI Agent #1 - Chris Thombs
FBI Agent #2 - Mike Montecalvo
Grape Eater - Chris Thombs
Healing Alien - Amy Thombs
Leader Alien - Dann Thombs
Rathead - Dann Thombs
Shapeshifter Messager - Amy Thombs
Shapeshifter Messager - John Heins

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People Involved: (6)
Alan Clayton - filmer
Amy Thombs - actress
Chris Thombs - actor, director, producer
Dann Thombs - actor, filmer, director
John Heins - actor
Mike Montecalvo - actor, filmer, director

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Sets: (3)
Attic, The
My House

Equipment: (1)
GE 8mm Camera

Songs Used: (2)
Yardemo on Yardemo (1993)
Myst - Myst Theme Music on Myst (1995)

Releases: (1)
Chris' Tape Collection [DVD] (2004)


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