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Name: DuctWars: Forgotten Past
Tagline: Strength is not in numbers, but in spirit.
Year: 2002
Era: Golden Years
Type: Movie
Development Time: 11 month(s)

Juan Zi Nobie is on his deathbed and recounts the story of his past. The Evil Emperor fights the freedom fighters. In the present the emperor comes back and must be defeated again.

Website: http://www.ductwars.com/

Characters: (19)
Aunt Iota - Dann Thombs
Christo - Chris Thombs
Dantin - Dann Thombs
Dolarmax - Teddy Doyle
Ductorian Doggy - Shelby
Emperor Namos - Dann Thombs
General Cranuk - Dan McElroy
Hech-Torr - Chris Thombs
Juan-Zi Nobie - John Heins
Lahmina Nobie - Amy Thombs
Lathan - Rob Sirois
Malordy - Chris Thombs
Malordy - Dann Thombs
Rig Haben - Steve Hug
Shinn-Rhe - Ben Grace
Simaga Nobie - Chris Thombs
Tusk - Jon Barlow
Tzukie - Chris Thombs
Witch Zi - Dann Thombs

Grouped Characters: (2)
Ductorian Farmers

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People Involved: (12)
Amy Thombs - actress
Ben Grace - actor
Chris Thombs - actor, director
Dan McElroy - actor
Dann Thombs - actor
John Heins - actor
Jon Barlow - actor
Lindsay Cap - extra
Rob Sirois - actor
Shelby - extra
Steve Hug - actor
Teddy Doyle - actor

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Sets: (3)
Attic, The
Cottontail Forest
My House

Equipment: (5)
Canon GL-1
Good Tripod
Studio DV

Songs Used: (18)
Bugs! on Strarship Troopers Soundtrack
Brainbug on Strarship Troopers Soundtrack
Punishment + Asteroid Grazing on Strarship Troopers Soundtrack
Klendathu Drop on Strarship Troopers Soundtrack
And One - Sometimes (instrumental)
DJ Brainbug - Benedictus (Exitale mix) on Benedictus single
Doomchild - Transhaze
Eric Serra - Time Crash on 5th Element Soundtrack
Fear Factory - Cyberdyne
Forest of Shadows - The Silent Cry
Industrial Strength - Utopia Project
La Floa Maldita - Sociére
Propellerhead - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Protomartyr - Silence
Psykosonik - Secret Life
Rammstein - Sonne (Instrumental) on Mutter
Switchblade Symphony - Clown (Astralasia mix) on Sinister Nostalgia
Type O Negative - Glass Walls of Limbo (Dance Mix) on Slow, Deep and Hard

Releases: (4)
DuctWars: Forgotten Past [VCD] (2002)
DuctWars: Forgotten Past [VHS] (2002)
DuctWars: Forgotten Past [VHS (clamshell)] (2002)
DuctWars: Forgotten Past Soundtrack [CD (snap case)] (2002)

Covers and Artwork: (5)

DuctWars: Forgotten Past [VCD]

DuctWars: Forgotten Past [VCD Insert]

DuctWars: Forgotten Past [VHS]

DuctWars: Forgotten Past [VHS (clamshell)]

DuctWars: Forgotten Past Soundtrack [CD (snap case)]


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