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Name: Skits 1994
Year: 1994
Era: Early Years
Type: Collection
Development Time: 1 year(s)

-Super Sirhc
-Rescue 401
-Invasion of the Little People
-Monster Truck Series
-Red Hot Poker Asleep
-Warp Speed
-Chris Singing
-TV Fractals
-Tales of the Dippy
-Head in Stuffed Animals
-AIDS skit
-TV Fractals
-Head in Stuffed Animals
-Bullimic skit
-TV Fractals
-Amy Animals
-Mrs. Driscol/Zits
-The Man and it Came from Under the Toilet
-Drug Awareness Skit

Characters: (5)
Creepy Gnoll - Chris Thombs
Salesman #1 - Dann Thombs
Salesman #2 - Chris Thombs
Super Sirhc - Chris Thombs
Tuey-Gooey - Chris Thombs

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People Involved: (5)
Alan Clayton - actor
Amy Thombs - actress
Chris Thombs - actor
Dann Thombs - actor
John Heins - actor

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Sets: (2)
Attic, The
My House

Equipment: (1)
GE 8mm Camera

Releases: (8)
Adventures at Black Point [DVD] (2004) - Super Sirhc
Chris' Tape [8mm] (1994) - Wrestling Skit, 1776
Chris' Tape Collection [DVD] (2004) - Wrestling Skit, 1776
Tape 3 [8mm] (1994) - Ads
Tape 3 part 2 Collection [DVD] (2004) - Ads
Tape 4 [8mm] (1994) - Wrestling - Drug Awareness Skit
Tape 4 part 1 Collection [DVD] (2004) - Wrestling, Rescue 401, COPS, Invasion of the Little People, Monster Truck Series, Red Hot Poker Asleep, Warp Speed, Chris Singing, TV Fractals, Tales of the Dippy
Tape 4 part 2 Collection [DVD] (2004) - Head in Stuffed Animals, AIDS Skit, TV Fractals, Bullimic skit, Pezasaurus, Amy Animals, Mrs. Driscol/Zits, The Man and it Came from Under the Toilet, Drug Awareness Skit


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