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Name: Skits 1998
Year: 1998
Era: Silver Years
Type: Collection
Development Time: 1 year(s)

-Auntie Helga
-CBS Sports Stuff (1998 Olympics)
-Face in the Animals
-Invasion of the Things
-Suspenders the Frog
-Work Employee Smash Breaker, Music Maker
-White Men Can Jump
-Christophe's Dancing Lessons
-Mc #1 - Wrong order
-Mc #2 - Perfect order
-Mc #3 - Crying girl
-Scream 2
-Mc #4 - Scream Ghost
-Mc #5 - Drunk
-Mc #6 - Manny
-Scream 3

-Auntie Helga
Carrying over from the recently completed Stupid Karate Kid 3, Auntie Helga has a few skits with her niece. Then Amy thinks the camera is off, and puts the wig off and puts on a show.

-CBS Sports Stuff (1998 Olympics)
Various Olympic athletes and a Mc Donald's employee are interviewed about their experiences and goals for the Olympics. It all ends up being boring and never goes anywhere.

-Face in the Animals
A reprise of the skit we did in 1994. This time is was humorous, and caused laughing.

-Invasion of the Things
As promised in the Movie Previews, yet having nothing to do with the preview itself, aliens are going to land on earth, but everyone claps for their impending doom.

-Suspenders the Frog
Another skits pulled from the early years, Chris redoes his 1993 skit, this time with a horn instead of a guitar. He manages to do a kip up which is impressive though.

-Work Employee Smash Breaker, Music Maker
A man goes to work each day but he doesn't work, he has another job, he makes music with ordinary objects. Armed with keys, tins, aerosol cans and a stick, he covers tunes from Metallica, Creed and Happy Birthday. His finale is an Australian Didgeridoo.

-White Men Can Jump
White men can jump with the help of a trampoline and a large bed. With these tools, it helps fat men, midgets, dead people and invisible dunk basketballs.

-Christophe's Dancing Lessons
Christophe shows us the various ways to dance. His style varies and sometimes can get pretty crazy.

-Mc #1 - Wrong order
Our first Mc skit. The guy gets the order completely wrong and the tradition continues.

-Mc #2 - Perfect order
A man walks into Mc and orders a long complex order, while the employee doesn't pay much attention, but still gets the order right.

-Mc #3 - Crying girl
A girl goes into Mc. The employee starts messing up the order, and the girl starts crying. The employee doesn't want to get fired, so he offers her anything she want. She snaps out of it and starts ordering everything she can think of. He ends up just giving her the store.

-Scream 2
Scream 2 wasn't out yet, so we decided to make our own. The scream guy calls up and harasses a guy for a while, but just ends up getting confused. He arrives and kills him anyway then.

-Mc #4 - Scream Ghost
The scream guy calls up Mc and orders several things. He then kills the employee for his trouble.

-Mc #5 - Drunk
The employee is a horrible drunk and hears voices in his head. He then can't give the order correctly.

-Mc #6 - Manny
Manny the puppet tries to be a Mc Employee, but fails.

-Scream 3
We start Scream 3, which at the time was two sequels ahead, but we never finished it.

Characters: (36)
Auntie Helga - Dann Thombs
Auntie Helga's Niece - Amy Thombs
Christophe - Chris Thombs
Christophe Advertiser - Dann Thombs
Dann-cha - Dann Thombs
Dead Dunker - Chris Thombs
Face in Animals #4 - Dann Thombs
Face in Animals #5 - Chris Thombs
Face Victim #4 - Chris Thombs
Face Victim #5 - Dann Thombs
Fat Dunker - Chris Thombs
Fredrick - Chris Thombs
Invasion Commander - Chris Thombs
Jorge Rodreguiz Con Carne Eilez Mukiaya - Chris Thombs
Lamb-cha - Dann Thombs
Mc Customer #1 - Chris Thombs
Mc Customer #2 - Chris Thombs
Mc Customer #3 - Amy Thombs
Mc Customer #5 - Chris Thombs
Mc Customer #6 - Dann Thombs
Mc Employee #1 - John Heins
Mc Employee #2 - John Heins
Mc Employee #3 - John Heins
Mc Employee #4 - Chris Thombs
Mc Employee #5 - Dann Thombs
Mc Employee #6 - Chris Thombs
Micheal Jordon - Chris Thombs
Midget Dunker - Dann Thombs
Nicole Bobek - Chris Thombs
Scream Ghost - Chris Thombs
Scream Ghost - Dann Thombs
Scream Girl - Amy Thombs
Scream Investigator - Dann Thombs
Scream Victim - John Heins
Smash Breaker, Music Maker - Dann Thombs
Terra Lippinski - Chris Thombs

Grouped Characters: (1)
Mc Employees

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People Involved: (4)
Amy Thombs - actress
Chris Thombs - actor
Dann Thombs - actor
John Heins - actor

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Sets: (2)
Attic, The
My House

Equipment: (1)
Hitachi 8mm Camera

Releases: (4)
Tape 5 [8mm] (1998) - Auntie Helga - Mc #6
Tape 5 part 2 Collection [DVD] (2004) - Auntie Helga - Mc #6
Tape 6 [8mm] (1998) - Scream 3
Tape 6 part 1 Collection [DVD] (2004) - Scream 3


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