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Name: DuctWars: The Silver Enemy
Year: 2000
Era: Golden Years
Type: Movie
Development Time: 6 month(s)

Using what we learned during Duct wars: The Rebellion, we set out to see what we could do. Six months later, Duct wars: The Silver Enemy busted out and became something worthy of attention.

Juan Zi Nobie and Dantin have retired from active duty and are replaced by Christo and Katano. The Masked empire hires a freelance rogue to kill the ally Silver Alien and use his identity to wage war on the Ductorians

Website: http://www.ductwars.com/

Characters: (29)
Al E. Phant - Dann Thombs
Aunt Iota - Dann Thombs
Bee - Dann Thombs
Christo - Chris Thombs
Dantin - Dann Thombs
Gnomey - Dann Thombs
Green Alien - Chris Thombs
Green Alien - Dann Thombs
Henri - Chris Thombs
Holographic Droid - Chris Thombs
Juan-Zi Nobie - John Heins
Katano - Chris Thombs
Katano - Dann Thombs
Katano - John Heins
Mask, The - Dann Thombs
Masked Leader, The - John Heins
Musse - John Heins
Pig - Chris Thombs
Princess Tresbet - Amy Thombs
Quarkzarian Leader - Katherine Modisett
Quarkzarian Military Representative - Amy Thombs
Queen Cibara - Katherine Modisett
Quibær - John Heins
Ryannu - Chris Thombs
Sheep - Dann Thombs
Shlim/Silver Enemy - Chris Thombs
Silver Alien - Chris Thombs
Silver Alien - John Heins
Trebor - John Heins

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People Involved: (5)
Amy Thombs - actress
Chris Thombs - actor, director
Dann Thombs - actor
John Heins - actor
Katherine Modisett - actress

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Sets: (5)
Attic, The
Blackpoint Beach
Cottontail Forest
My House

Equipment: (2)
Studio DC10

Songs Used: (11)
Hummel Gets the Rockets 2 on The Rock Soundtrack
Bush - Mouth (remix) on American Werewolf in Parisz
Die Krupps - Fatherland (Sisters of Mercy mix) on Rings of Steel
Fear Factory - Timelessness on Osbolete
Fear Factory - Remanufactured on Remanufactured (1998)
NIN - The Perfect Drug (remix) on The Perfect Drug Single
NIN - The Wretched on The Fragile
Prodigy - Smack my B Up on Fat of the Land
Rob D - Clubbed to Death on Matrix Soundtrack
Rusted Root - Drum Trip
Tool - (-) Ions on Ænima

Releases: (3)
DuctWars: The Silver Enemy [VHS] (2000)
DuctWars: The Silver Enemy [VCD] (2001)
DuctWars: The Soundtrack [CD] (2001)

Covers and Artwork: (4)

DuctWars: The Silver Enemy [VHS]

DuctWars: The Silver Enemy [VCD]

DuctWars: The Silver Enemy [VCD Label]

DuctWars: The Soundtrack [CD]


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