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People for: Hiff Clanger

Amy Thombs

Role(s): actress
Year Started: 1993
Bio: Amy is Chris and Dann's sister. She had to be in every movie, or she would squirt us with a perfume filled water gun or cause bleeding. This tradition continues today

Chris Thombs

Role(s): actor, filmer, director, costumes, writer, pyrotechnics
Year Started: 1987
Bio: One of the other founders of 'Danny on the Moon', Chris has been in every DCJ movie to date, beating out Dann after he was not in Goshzilla. Other main characters include, Gangsta's, Karate teachers, werewolfs, aliens, The Stupid Karate Kid, The Boy, the Honey I'm Home, woman, the X-Piles guy, a nerd, Guy #1, a Mc employee, a burgler, Bob Cratchet, the scream guy, an warrior, Christo, a young Katano, The Silver Alien, Shlim/The Silver Enemy, Ryannu, Theo Folio, and the Survivalist. He also played many body doubles and operates the camera at times. In addition to acting, he writes most of the scripts and figures out what we're supposed to be doing when we just sorta stand around hoping the filming will get done by itself.

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